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Which New Car Paint Protection?

We get many enquiries every day with customers asking us how Ceramic Pro performs against the dealership paint protection they have been offered at an exorbitant price. The only real advice we can give is research the brand and reviews on the product they are trying to sell you, we can’t comment on their products specifically as we don’t use them. However, what we can say is some of these paint protection products sold by dealerships are extremely overpriced, and relabeled and marketed towards dealerships only.

They are also not “endorsed” by the manufacturer, one dealership will sell a different paint protection brand to the next dealership even though it’s the same car brand. There are lot of sales tactics used to meet quotas when it comes to selling aftermarket accessories within dealerships, this is where they make their profit!

Yes it may be easier to package your aftermarket accessories such as paint protection and window tint into your finance but you also need to consider you will be paying interest on this over a number of years, and if your car is over the LCT threshold you will be paying luxury car tax on these accessories also making them even more expensive!

Our product of choice is Ceramic Pro, a world recognised brand that is available in over 70 Countries, the scale of this brand allows them to have one of the most advanced state-of-the-art ceramic coating research and development facilities. For over a decade we have applied Ceramic Pro to tens of thousands of new cars sold within Sydney, it’s truly a product that lives up to its claims and a product we put our name against!

Not only does Ceramic Pro offer a range of ceramic coatings to protect your cars Paint, Interior, Alloy and Glass surfaces but their experience extends to other industries such as Marine, Aviation and Industrial, in fact Ceramic Pro is trusted to protect high value government assets such as NSW Polair and Iconic Monuments – not only in Australia but World Wide! This is a testament to the quality of Ceramic Pro.

With so many paint protections on the market what makes Ceramic Pro different?

Ceramic Pro were one of the original ceramic coating companies on the market, and are at the forefront of nano ceramic coating technology.

Durability and proven test by verification facilities such as SGS are what sets them apart here, being one of the longest established products on the market gives them over a decade of proven real world results, research and development.

All this is backed up with assurance of their Lifetime Warranty*, which means your paint work is warranted for the life of you owning the vehicle – this includes any environmental fallout such as bird droppings, bug splatter, tar or tree sap that may affect the paint work, Ceramic Pro are a worldwide recognised brand with over 10,000 applicators, when you have a concern any applicator in your area can assist, we wont give you the run around like a dealership!

At Superior Shine, we have been in business for over 15 years, with over 10 years ceramic coating experience – with our industry connections and passion to be at the forefront of our industry we were one of the first detailing business in Australia to start using ceramic coatings in Sydney, we deliver quality workmanship and expertise and technical knowledge in ceramic coating technology.

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