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Is a Ceramic Coating worth it?

No doubt you want your car to look as good as possible and give it the best protection possible, this has led you to look at options for protecting your cars paint work.

So is a ceramic coating for your car worth it? There is certainly a lot of talk of different ceramic coatings on the market in Australia and this has probably made you a little confused as to which product is the best one! Not all ceramic coatings are equal however any form of paint protection is better then nothing at all!

Lets start with the benefits of a ceramic coating, these coatings provide far better protection than a wax or paint sealant for your car – simply because they are based on a unique ceramic nanotechnology, once applied the coating cross links with the paint work to form a covalent bond on a molecular level filling the tiny pores of the paint work which cannot be broken. The only way a good professional grade ceramic coating can be removed is by abrasion (wearing it away).

The technology behind these coatings are generally based on SiO2, SiC or TiO2 formulations, making them highly durable and chemical resistant, they also feature hydrophobic properties, so when any water or liquid comes in contact with the surface it simply beads up and rolls away – keeping your car cleaner for longer and easier to clean!

Key Benefits:
High Gloss Finish
Durable Chemical Resistance
Protection Against Damaging Fallout
Hydrophobic (Easier to clean and stays cleaner)

With so many ceramic paint protection products on the market unforatunely a lot are manufactured with low quality ingredients and from the same factory out of China, this includes those sold within dealerships – after a bit of research you will find they are only marketed in dealerships within Australia and the brand dont actually make the products (or own any form of research or manufacturing facility).

With over 15 years industry experience here at Superior Shine, we only put our name on quality paint protection products that we know work, for over a decade we have worked exclusively with Ceramic Pro for the very best in ceramic coating technology. The Ceramic Pro research and development facility is one of the best in the world, featuring the most advanced equipment in testing and manufacturing.

We have proudly had the oppurtunity to protect high value government assets such as the NSW Polair Helicopters.

Ceramic Pro is available in over 70 countries, and operates not only in the automotive industry but also the marine, aviation and industrial industries – if anyone knows ceramic coating technology it is Ceramic Pro!

All Ceramic Pro products have been tested by SGS – The world’s largest testing and verification company – Test Results.


Looking for a Ceramic Coating in Sydney?

If you care about preserving the look and quality of your car’s paint, you can contact us. We’ll follow up to answer all of your questions.? We are not in business to push you a product, we provide honest advise backed by over 15 years of industry experience. We’re here to help you make the right decision for you and your car.

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