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Why choose Ceramic Pro?

Since 2010 we have worked closely with Ceramic Pro after having used other Paint Protection products on the market, we truly find Ceramic Pro to be a leader in Automotive Paint Protection, with coatings suited to Paint, Wheels, Glass and Interior Leather and Fabric.

Ceramic Pro have a long running reputation across many industries world wide, not just specialising in Automotive – making them a true leader in surface protection. Their advanced research and development centre allows them to progressively find new protection technology for many surfaces, specialising in Automotive, Marine, Aviation and Industrial Industries.

Unlike many Paint Protection and Ceramic Coatings on the market such as those sold at car dealerships that are relabelled and not actually manufactured by the brand they are sold as.

The Ceramic Pro range of coatings are a complex composition of nano-ceramic formulas designed with maximum durability, protection and strength to protect the surface from damaging environmental fallout, UV, chemical etching and a hydrophobic effect so the surface stays cleaner for longer and is easier to clean.

Never before has such complex high-performing ceramic coatings been available across so many industries.

Available in over 70 countries with over 5000 Applicators it is the trusted choice in Car Paint Protection.

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