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No doubt you want your car to look as good as possible and give it the best protection possible, this has led you to look at options for protecting your cars paint work.

So is a ceramic coating for your car worth it? There is certainly a lot of talk of different ceramic coatings on the market in Australia and this has probably made you a little confused as to which product is the best one! Not all ceramic coatings are equal however any form of paint protection is better then nothing at all!

Lets start with the benefits of a ceramic coating, these coatings provide far better protection than a wax or paint sealant for your car – simply because they are based on a unique ceramic nanotechnology, once applied the coating cross links with the paint work to form a covalent bond on a molecular level filling the tiny pores of the paint [...]

Ceramic Coating Sydney

Protecting your car with a ceramic coating seems to be all the craze lately, these coatings have actually been on the market for over a decade however have only become more popular as older technology such as synthetic sealants and waxes become obselete and car dealerships start to move with the times and offer ceramic coatings on new cars.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

Simply put, a ceramic coating contains SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) or SIC (Silicon Carbide) as the active ingredient, also known as nano-ceramic, this technology protects your paint and is far superior than older technology such as synthetic sealants or waxes.

What does a Ceramic Coating Protect against?

In short, a ceramic coating adds protect to your paint whilst minimising maintenance to keep it looking new, here are some of the main benefits:

Long Term Protection
They form a permanent adhesion to your paint work due to the matrix structure that makes [...]

New Car Paint Protection in Sydney

We get many enquiries every day with customers asking us how Ceramic Pro performs against the dealership paint protection they have been offered at an exorbitant price. The only real advice we can give is research the brand and reviews on the product they are trying to sell you, we can’t comment on their products specifically as we don’t use them. However, what we can say is some of these paint protection products sold by dealerships are extremely overpriced, and relabeled and marketed towards dealerships only.

They are also not “endorsed” by the manufacturer, one dealership will sell a different paint protection brand to the next dealership even though it’s the same car brand. There are lot of sales tactics used to meet quotas when it comes to selling aftermarket accessories within dealerships, this is where they make their profit!

Yes it may be easier to package your aftermarket accessories such as paint protection and [...]

Ceramic Pro Kavaca is a high performance Paint Protection Film specifically designed in state of the art facilities using highly advanced technology and top quality raw materials to protect painted surfaces from abrasion, corrosion, chemicals and other types of physical damage. The technology allows the film to self-heal making it extremely durable whilst displaying an improved visual appearance. Extensive research by industry pioneirs have formulated the new leader in PPF.

This unique Paint Protection Film is not only self healing but it is hydrophobic, meaning the film will stay cleaner for longer and be easier to clean, combining these two key elements in surface protection will result in improved overall protection with an impressive cosmetic effect.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is commonly known as Clear Bra, Stone Guard or Clear Film, one of the major benefits of Ceramic Pro Kavaca is its template system – our system contains tens of thousands of vehicle designs, meaning [...]

Since 2010 we have worked closely with Ceramic Pro after having used other Paint Protection products on the market, we truly find Ceramic Pro to be a leader in Automotive Paint Protection, with coatings suited to Paint, Wheels, Glass and Interior Leather and Fabric.

Ceramic Pro have a long running reputation across many industries world wide, not just specialising in Automotive – making them a true leader in surface protection. Their advanced research and development centre allows them to progressively find new protection technology for many surfaces, specialising in Automotive, Marine, Aviation and Industrial Industries.

Unlike many Paint Protection and Ceramic Coatings on the market such as those sold at car dealerships that are relabelled and not actually manufactured by the brand they are sold as.

The Ceramic Pro range of coatings are a complex composition of nano-ceramic formulas designed with maximum durability, protection and strength to protect the surface from damaging environmental fallout, UV, [...]

When buying a new car the car dealership will try to sell you their Paint Protection, which will no doubt be overpriced and promise to protect your car from what sounds like the impossible, from our first hand experience of seeing hundreds of customers cars every year we have seen nearly every type of paint protection system out there and know exactly which one’s don’t perform all that well or live up to their hype!

Here at Superior Shine we take pride in our work and the products we use, which is why we always ensure we are using the best possible products on the market that we believe in, below is feedback from our Facebook fan’s which can also be found at

 Car Protection Pricing can be found Here!

Whether you are buying a new car from a dealership or researching the best car protection product for your new or used car, you will have been told or read that the product will protect your paint from what seems like the impossible and is the best on the market, some of which are charging ridiculous prices in excess of $1500+, such as car dealerships to simply apply the product and provide you with a “Lifetime Warranty”.

Here at Superior Shine we see cars on a daily basis that have been prepared by dealerships and 90% of the time the quality of work is below standard with swirl marks, buffer trails and other paint imperfections remaining, even after they have applied their magic $1500+ paint protection!

We have tested many of these products first hand, such as other Coatings, Titanium Dioxide, PTFE, Acrylic, Glassplexin and Polymer [...]