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After spending a few months in the outback this Toyota Hiace was well overdue for a very thorough detail, we knew underneath all the dust, road grime, break dust and the layers of bug splatter there was a Hiace under there somewhere that was only a few years old.

So we went to work soaking the van in a thick lather of foam that softens the bugs and grime and lifts them from the surface and all the crevices where they managed to embed theirself, after numorous soakings and high pressure cleans it was looking much better, and we were left with a sparkling clean van. As the paint work was a little worse for wear a machine polish was needed to bring back that shine it once had.

The paint work was lightly machine polished with Optimum Poli-Seal, a premium All in One Polish and Sealant, that not only removes minor imperfections and oxidation [...]