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Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

This immaculate Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale was in need of a thorough Detail and Paint Correction to restore heavy swirl marks and imperfections in the paint work, overall the vehicle was in exceptional condition however the paint work was really letting it down and needed some serious attention to make this car stand out even more then it already does!

The racing stripes were removed as requested by the customer (to be replaced), and the whole vehicle received a thorough clean and paint decontamination, once this process was complete we were able to assess the paint work to determine what level of correction would be suitable.

A Stage Two Paint Correction was performed, this process involves using an abrasive polish with the correct polishing pad to remove the heavy defects in the paint work, once this stage is complete we then went on to the second stage which consist of a fine finishing polish and pad to remove any hazing caused by the first step. All up approx 12 hours was spent performing a Paint Correction on this vehicle.

Once the paint work was in exceptional condition with no imperfections or swirl marks we applied Ceramic Pro Permanent Paint Protection to all exterior painted surfaces, Ceramic Pro forms a permanent adhesion to the paint work, creating a hydrophobic barrier that will not only keep the car cleaner for longer due to its water beading affect, but protect it from damaging environmental elements such as bug splatter, bird dropping, tree sap and tar. Not only is the Ceramic Pro coating great for its durable protection but it also adds a deep gloss to the paint work!

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