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Which Chamois To Use?

One of the most common mistakes people make when washing their car is improperly drying and using a poor qaulity chamois. This is also one of the main causes of adding imperfections to your paint such as marring, swirl marks and scratches.

A lot of people use leather or synthetic chamois; whilst there is nothing wrong with this they are however the most common to add swirl marks into the paintwork. People often excessively wipe the paint when drying until it leaves no streaks which induce scratches and swirl marks.

We can highly recommend a Microfibre Waffle Weave Drying Towel, they are soft, made from microfibre and hold 5x their weight in water meaning you can dry and average size car without ringing the towel out. One simple wipe of the paint work and they will absorb all the water without leaving any streaks meaning less wiping is required to dry the car and less likely to induce swirl marks. These towels are textured so they help pull remaining contamination away from the surface they may have landed on the paint after washing, rather then dragging it across the paint like a normal leather or synthetic chamois.