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A lot of people ask what the difference is between a Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Paint Correction (Machine Polishing). And if you are a detailer or enthusiast, you probably already know that this refers to how many pad/polish combinations that we use to complete a job.

We also get a lot of calls from people who are against machine polishing because they have been stung by detailers that have done a poor job and left their paint work looking worse then when they started by leaving buffer trails and burning through the paint. This is caused by the so called detailer using a polish and pad combination that is too aggressive and burning through the paint work (you can not remove swirl marks and scratches and finish the paint down pefect in one step).

There is no reason why a flawless defect free finish cannot be achieved by machine polishing, all it [...]

Here at Superior Shine Mobile Car Detailing we offer a unique Paint Correction service, unlike many detailers and car wash cafe’s that advertise a cheap “Cut n Polish” we want our customers to understand the time and skill it takes to get a flawless finish on your paint, whilst there is many different names you can call it such as Buff, Machine Polish, Cut Back, Cut n Polish we prefer to use the term Paint Correction as our polishing service is unique.

Most detailers and car wash cafe’s can do a Machine Cut n Polish usually within an hour, however most of these detailers leave the paint looking much worse then it did before they started, leaving whats called Holograms or Buffer Trails from using a Pad or Polish that is too agressive and spining the machine to fast, which results in burning the paint work and leaving a hologram effect, this can be rectified [...]