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Porsche Boxter

Vehicle: Porsche Boxter

Products: Menzerna PO85RD3.01, Zaino Z-2 Pro

Work: Full Detail + 2 Step Machine Polish As you can see from the pics below this is one poor Porsche Boxter that needed ALOT of attention to bring it back to showroom condition, it had obviously been sitting outside for quite sometime as it was covered in cob-webs, leafs jammed in every crevice and the bonnet was very badly oxidized.

So I got to work to bring back the gloss in this dull and life-less finish and blasted all the leafs and cob-webs off, and gave it a good wash down, cleaning inside the wheels and arches making sure every inch of this car was going to look like new again. Menzerna PO85RD3.01 was used to remove the oxidization on the bonnet and any swirls marks and scratches on the paint, after I was happy with the finish the car was washed down again to remove any polish residue that had splattered over the car. Zaino Z-2 Pro was used to seal the paintwork, Zaino Z-2 Pro in my opinion has to be one of the best sealants for durability and reflection, a quick search on Google will bring up thousands of people over the world commenting on how good this product is, and if its going to sit outside like it had been Zaino Z-2 Pro was the only product I could trust that would live up to the task of preserving the paintwork.