Ceramic Pro Kavaca Paint Protection Film – Using state of the art PPF Technology and top quality raw materials the film features an impressive visual appearance that has non-yellowing properties, the self-healing protective layer prevents the paint work from being damaged by scratches, scuffs, stone chips and other physical damage, whilst the hydrophobic layer repels water, dirt and grime!

Template Designs – Our database contains thousands of makes and models so we can cut templates to fit your car specifically, ensuring the best coverage and reducing the need to cut the film on your car!

Self-Healing – Ceramic Pro Kavaca features an “Instant-Healing” feature that requires no heating unlike other “Self-Healing” films, any scratches disappear almost instantly!

Hydrophobic – Ceramic Pro Kavaca also features impressive hydrophobic properties, with a decade of coating research by Ceramic Pro they are able to usilise this technology in Paint Protection Films, so your car will stay cleaner for longer and easier to maintain.

Full Front PPF

Ceramic Pro PPF


  • State Of The Art Workshop located at Five Dock.

  • We only use Premium Products and the Latest Equipment.

  • Work is carried out by a Qualified & Insured Professional Ceramic Pro Applicator.

  • Easy Payment – We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard & EFTPOS.

  • Trusted by Car Manufacturers at the Sydney & Melbourne International Motor Shows.

  • Trusted to work on Australia’s most Prestige and Exotic Supercars since 2005.

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Chemical Resistant

Ceramic Pro Kavaca is fully chemical resistant so your paint work is always protected from damaging environmental fall out.

Stays Cleaner

The Hydrophobic properties of the film means that any dirty water that comes in contact with the surface will simply bead up and roll off.

High Gloss

The unique Paint Protection Film adds additional gloss to the paint work giving it even more depth and great visual appearance.

No Stone Chips

The unique Paint Protection Film offers complete protection from Stone Chips, Scratches, Scuffs and other physical damage.



What exactly does Ceramic Pro Kavaca do?

Ceramic Pro Kavaca is a unique Paint Protection Film (PPF), its film structure is made up of several components that give it unique features such as “Instant-Healing” of scratches, and a Hydrophobic effect so the film stays cleaner for longer and easier to clean!

Superior Shine - Paint Protection

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Do you offer PFF and Ceramic Coating Packages?

Yes, we do offer Packages with all our services. Contact us for more info!

Superior Shine - Paint Protection

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Do you have any reviews from previous customers?

Most certainly, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship, customer service and high quality products, you can find reviews straight from our customers here Facebook Reviews.

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Is there anything I need to do before the application?

No, We take care of cleaning the vehicle, decontaminating and preparing the paint work before we apply the Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film (PPF).

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What type of Warranty is included?

Ceramic Pro Kavaca comes with a manufacturers 10 Year Warranty.

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Will Ceramic Pro Kavaca protect my paint from Scratches and Stone Chips?

Yes, Ceramic Pro Kavaca is almost 240microns thick and acts as a barrier over your paint work, taking the force of the damage. In the case of scratches the film has a self healing effect so they disappear!

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Do I need to use any specific products to maintain the Paint Protection?

No, Always use a soft wash mitt or sponge to wash your car and no abrasive tools such as automatic car washes or diy brush washes. See our Car Wash Guide for more tips.

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What happens if I have a repair or accident?

Ceramic Pro is recognised by all major insurers, this means if you have an accident your insurer will cover the cost of the reapplication as apart of the repair.

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Why Choose Superior Shine?

We Come To You

We Come To You – Sydney Wide. Our vehicles are equipped with their own Power & Water along with the latest equipment!

Award Winning

Not only are we trusted by leading car manufacturers to prepare their cars for International Motor Shows but also some of Australia’s most Prestige & Exotic Supercars.

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Sydney’s Best Car Paint Protection Film to Guard Against the Elements

Are you looking to protect your vehicle from the elements?

The answer lies in car protection film from Sydney’s own Superior Shine. We use industry-leading Ceramic Pro Kavaca which is a clear film to protect your car from impacts such as stone chips and scratches. This world renowned PPF features an instant healing effect so any scratches almost immediately disappear, along with its high gloss hydrophobic finish so your car stays cleaners for longer it is the perfect choice at protecting your car.

Sydney’s car protection experts dedicated to preventing stone chips and damage

For those who have to drive on gritty roads, consider our stone chip protection instead. Sydney car owners will have peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is safe from gravel and other debris. Using state-of-the-art PPF technology, we are able to offer a non-yellowing, self-healing protective layer that prevents damage from stone chips, scratches and scuffs as well as repelling water, dirt and grime.

Having been in business since 2005, the qualified team at Superior Shine has polished, tinted and coated countless cars, providing unbeatable service every time. When you come to our state-of-the-art workshop located in Five Dock, you can be sure your car is in good hands with our dedicated work bays.

A comprehensive range of car and paint protection services – book now!

As the leading team for PPF in Sydney, local car owners need look no further than Superior Shine to add value to their vehicles. We only hire fully qualified professionals, are fully insured and use industry-leading equipment and products, meaning you can safely entrust your vehicle to us. What’s more, we always strive to keep our prices affordable, believing everyone deserves to treat their cars to superior service.

Make an appointment online through our handy booking system or contact our team directly for any specific requests.