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Subaru Liberty

Unfortunately for this Subaru Liberty it had seen better days, the paint work had heavy swirl marks, light scratches, was left looking dull from all the years of incorrect washing, taking it through automatic car washes and the lack of regular polishing and waxing.

The owner contacted us to perform a Stage 2 Paint Correction to restore the paint work to a flawless finish with a deep gloss, it took around 8 hours to transform the car from its poor scratched up state to a level where it looked better then the day it came out of the showroom.

The car was first given a thorough wash to remove all the built up grime from over the years, it was then clay barred to remove any contaminants that were embedded into the paint work leaving it with a smooth as glass feel, once this was complete we started the machine polishing process. This involved using a variation of different polishing compounds and machine polishing pad’s to achieve a flawless finish. Every vehicles paint work responds differently when polishing, this is why we carry a variety of polishing compounds and polishing pad’s to achieve the best results. Once we had achieved a flawless finish we then cleaned the car down again before applying a paint sealant to lock in that deep gloss shine and to protect the paint work from the environmental elements.