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The customer of this BMW X5 contacted us to Detail the vehicle and also perform a Paint Correction to bring the paint work back up to a high gloss flawless finish, it was in a pretty poor state not having been washed for sometime and taken away on holidays with small children so the inside was fairly grubby.

Firstly the interior was thoroughly vacuumed and the carpets and floor mats shampooed, the leather received a deep clean & conditioning whilst the interior trims were also cleaned and treated.

The exterior then had a high pressure wash, ensuring under the wheel arches were thoroughly cleaned and also behind the wheels that can be seen due to the open spoke design of the wheels, once the entire exterior wash was complete we moved onto correcting the paint work, this involved a Stage 2 Paint Correction to remove swirl marks, light scratches and water marks.

The Stage 2 Paint Correction involves using an abrasive polish by machine to remove the defects in the paint, we then go over the paint work once again with a finer polish and pad combination to remove any hazing left from the previous polish and bring back that deep gloss to produce a flawless finish. Once this is complete we apply a paint sealant to ensure the paint work is protected from contamination and any other pollution that may damage the paint. This service is not your typical cut and polish you get from the local car wash cafe, the results of a proper Paint Correction are truly amazing.


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