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Holden Commodore (Show Car)

Vehicle: Holden VC Commodore – Full Custom Rebuild (Featured in Street Commodores & Street Machine)

Products: Wolfgang Pre-Wax Cleaner, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant, Pinnacle Signature Series Wax 

Work: Complete Concours Detail + 2 Step Machine Polish

After 4yrs in the build Aaron required a Full Concours level detail that would really finish this street machine off to really make it stand out from all the other show cars.
We first clayed the car to remove any contamination on the paint to ensure the paint sealant had a smooth surface to bond too, as it was painted 3yrs ago.
After we clayed the vehicle it was polished with Menzerna PO85RD3.01 to remove any light swirl marks and light imperfections, Wolgang Pre-Wax Cleaner was then applied to ensure the surface was ultra clean so the paint sealant had a fresh clean surface to bond too.
Once we were happy with it we laid down the Wolfgang Deep Gloss Sealant which really brang out a deep wet finish with an unbelievable reflection. This was left on the paint for an hour to allow to bond. We then wiped off the residue and finished detailing the engine bay & interior, which to be honest there was not much to detail as every part on this car was brand new and was like it just rolled off the show room floor.
We then allowed 24 hours for the Wolfgang Deep Gloss Sealant to fully bond to the paint before we laid down a coat of Pinnacle Signature Series Wax to take it to the next level and really give it a deep wet glossy finish.

It took us a total of 8 long hours to detail the car, with about 6 hours spent on the paintwork which turned out to be well worth it as it always gets commented on how smooth and glossy the paint feels, and how different it looks compared to the VY SS Hot House Green which it is, the work put into prep’ing, sealing and waxing the paint has really changed the way it looks and has brang out a golden shine in the sun.

Since we did this initial detail (4 months ago) Pinnacle Signature Series Wax has been applied 6 more times to keep it in show condition at all times and ensure the paint is always in the best possible condition.