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Choosing an Experienced Car Detailer

Superior Shine was established in 2005 by Scott, who has over 12 years experience in the automotive industry. Scott has grown Superior Shine with its strong reputation for quality into a company that is trusted by several car manufacturers in Australia when showcasing their cars at the International Motor Shows and by some of Australia’s most Exotic Supercar Owners.

Having been in the detailing industry for several years Scott has seen many detailing businesses start up and fail each year. Scott and he’s team take pride in each and every job, he explains why it is always important to choose a trusted and experienced detailer:

Unfortunately a lot of “detailers” see it as easy money and have no prior experience let alone a background in the automotive industry, they usually get a website online and work out of the boot of their car or garage and do not have the appropriate insurances and business registrations in place to operate.

Unfortunately this leads to them having no overheads and being able to undercut Professional Detailers that have the skill and knowledge to safely work on your car and produce a stunning finish. Without the experience and knowledge damage can be easily inflicted on the paint work while machine polishing, such as buffer trails or even worse, burning through the paint. Unfortunately we have seen some disastrous work performed by unskilled operators that are so called professional detailers. Therefore it is always best to choose a detailer that has a reputation and can show clear photos of the quality of their work.

Why Choose Superior Shine?

At Superior Shine our most important assets are our customers and our reputation, therefore with our unparalleled long standing reputation for quality and service excellence, we only use the best products and techniques on the market while working on your car.

Superior Shine are trusted by several car manufacturers for years running to showcase their cars at International Motor Shows, and also trusted by some of the most Exotic Supercar owners in Australia, including the $2.2 million dollar Lamborghini Sesto-Elemento. This alone is a testament to the trust put in to Superior Shine. To enable us to work on some of these amazing cars we always ensure we have a high level insurance policy in place.

Since our humble beginnings we have always made sure we are using the latest technology and products on the market to adapt with changing paint systems, we only use premium detailing products that are high quality and proven to yield outstanding results. Not only this, our equipment and service vehicles are upgraded on a regular basis to ensure we can provide a clean and efficient service and maintain a professional image.

We like to educate our customers so they understand the work involved in all of our services, for example some people come to us wanting a “Cut n Polish” thinking its as simple as just running a machine polisher over the car to gloss the paint work up, unfortunately most detailers that offer this service usually leave the paint work in worse condition then when they started by inducing swirl marks or buffer trails from incorrect polishing products or techniques, a proper Paint Correction can take anywhere from 4 hours to 2 days to achieve imperfection free results, its once the customer see’s the finished product that they understand the true difference in a quality detailer.

We take the time to understand our clients needs and budget, and explain the process involved – not all vehicles are the same, or in the same condition. It is always important to know what the client expects so we can ensure we exceed their expectations.


Choosing an Experienced Detailer

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