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Ceramic Pro - #1 Protection for your car

Superior Shine had the pleasure of working on this stunning brand new $660,000 Lamborghini Performante which was put on display for Ceramic Pro at the 2013 Top Gear Festival event at the Sydney Motorsport Park.

Over 22 hours was spent meticulously Detailing and performing a multi-stage Paint Correction on this stunning exotic supercar before it was coated with Ceramic Pro Paint Protection. The solid black paint work on this Performante was extremely soft, whilst the paint work is completely flat which gives off a mirror image on the solid black it can be easily ruined though with marring and scratches which were easily induced due to the soft paint.

Now that it is protected with Ceramic Pro it now features a hard protective coating that is rated at “Above 9H” hardness which will help reduce marring and light scratching, and protect it from damaging contaminants whilst adding even further gloss to the paint work.

Over [...]

This Ferrari 458 is owned by a regular customer of ours who had just bought it second hand, it received an extensive detail ensuring all areas were meticulously detailed and a Stage One Paint Correction to enhance the paint work, it was then coated with Ceramic Pro 9H Permanent Paint Protection to protect the paint work from damaging contamination and minor scratches, the interior was also detailed and coated with Ceramic Pro Leather Protection.

Ceramic Pro a high gloss glass like coating that forms a permanent bond with the factory paint work like an additional layer of clear coat, it is a unique nano-ceramic formula that creates a barrier to protect your factory paint work from damaging contamination, it features a non-stick and super hydrophobic surface so water will bead up and simply roll straight off the car, keeping your car cleaner for longer and easier to wash as dirt will not stick and your [...]

At the 2012 Sydney International Motor Show Superior Shine Mobile Car Detailing was trusted and had the opportunity to detail 1 of only 20 built $2.2 million dollar Lamborghini Sesto-Elemento.

The Lamborghini Sesto-Elemento is a V10 with 570HP, weighing in at only 999kg with its full carbon fiber construction, with even the chassis, body, drive shaft and suspension components made of carbon fiber.

The Lamborghini Sesto-Elemento was flown in and was only at the 2012 Sydney International Motor Show for a few days before it departed to continue its around the world tour. Superior Shine was trusted to prepare the Sesto-Elemento before the event to ensure it was in immaculate condition to represent the Lamborghini brand.

Superior Shine is trusted by some of the most exotic car owners Australia Wide and maintains the $6 million dollar écurie25 Supercar Collection.



Superior Shine Mobile Car Detailing are in Partnership with ecurie25 – The worlds largest supercar club in the world.

This Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder was in desperate need of a good Detail and Paint Correction, followed by Paint Protection to protect the paint work from contamination and light scuffs / scratches.

It was meticulously detailed and the paint work was machine polished with a Stage Two Paint Correction to remove the moderate swirl marks and scratches by Superior Shine and a QLD Applicator of Ceramic Pro – Auto Glamour.

Once the car was detailed and the paint work was correct it was then protected with the Ceramic Pro Permanent Paint Protection Coating by Nano Shine to ensure the paint work is protected from harmful contamination and has a super hydrophobic effect so water simply rolls off keeping the car cleaner for longer.



Aston Martin Virage - After Paint Protection

Superior Shine Mobile Car Detailing are in Partnership with ecurie25 – The worlds largest supercar club in the world. We had the pleasure of detailing and applying Ceramic Pro Car Paint Protection to this stunning Aston Martin Virage, ecurie25 has over $6 million dollars of exotic supercars in Australia which will all be detailed and protected by Superior Shine and Ceramic Pro.

The paint work was in fairly decent condition with only minor swirl marks, firstly various paint thickness readings were taken so we could get an average of the overall thickness of the paint work, once the paint thickness readings were taken from various points on each panel we clay barred the surface to remove any embedded contamination.

A Stage One Paint Correction was then done to remove the light swirl marks and marring from the paint work and to enhance the gloss. Once this stage was complete Ceramic Pro Paint Protection was applied [...]

Superior Shine Mobile Car Detailing are highly experienced in detailing for events, vehicle launches and corporate drive days. Superior Shine were chosen to detail 2 Mercedes-Benz vehicles for the 2012 Fashion Week in Sydney, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week is Australia’s most style attraction event for innovative fashion designers, red carpet celebrities and retailers.

The two vehicles on display were a SLK Roadster and a $490,000 SLS Roadster with a unique matte silver finish. These two vehicle’s were meticulously detailed prior and maintained through out the week long event to ensure they were always in immaculate condition for this prestigious event.


Although this Bentley Arnage was in fairly good condition to start with the 6.75Ltr Turbo beast still needed a meticulous detail throughout for an episode featuring on Channel 7’s Today Tonight.

The interior was detailed and the leather was cleaned and treated with Prima Nourish, a premium quality leather conditioner that feeds the leather to prevent premature aging and leaves a soft and supple matte finish.

The exterior had a rich foam high pressure wash from top to bottom to remove all the build up of road grime then a coat of Prima Banana Gloss Liquid Wax was applied, although Prima Banana Gloss does not have great durability its shine and depth on dark colours is unmatched by other products and is well suited to this particular job.


Lamborghini Gallardo Detailed

Superior Shine Mobile Car Detailing has done work on this Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder numerous times over the past year, from a Clear Car Bra Removal, Paint Correction, Paint Protection and regular maintenance detailing.

Clear Bra Removal

The initial job was to remove a Clear Car Bra on the front bumper bar and bonnet that had started to go yellow, the purpose of a Clear Car Bra is to protect the paint work against stone chips, this was carefully peeled off using moderate heat from a heat gun once the clear film was removed 3M Adhesive Cleaner & Solvent was used to remove any sticky residue left behind, the paint work was then polished and sealed with Optimum Poli-Seal until a Paint Correction was done a few months later.

Lamborghini Clear Bra Removal

Superior Shine Mobile Car Detailing was once again chosen to detail and maintain the vehicles at the Australian International Motor Show, this time in Melbourne for Audi, Jaguar, Range Rover, Volvo and Isuzu.

This involved detailing the vehicles for these manufacturers to the highest level possible prior to the event and maintaining them throughout the 10 day event. One of these vehicles included the Audi E-Tron concept car imported in to Australia for the event, the Audi E-Tron is a full electric high performance sports car that is capable of 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds.

The 2011 Australian International Motor Show was held on the 1st-10th July at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, it was the biggest International Motor Show event to date with a total of over 193,755 motoring fans attending the event to see over 400 vehicles on display from car manufactures.


After spending a few months in the outback this Toyota Hiace was well overdue for a very thorough detail, we knew underneath all the dust, road grime, break dust and the layers of bug splatter there was a Hiace under there somewhere that was only a few years old.

So we went to work soaking the van in a thick lather of foam that softens the bugs and grime and lifts them from the surface and all the crevices where they managed to embed theirself, after numorous soakings and high pressure cleans it was looking much better, and we were left with a sparkling clean van. As the paint work was a little worse for wear a machine polish was needed to bring back that shine it once had.

The paint work was lightly machine polished with Optimum Poli-Seal, a premium All in One Polish and Sealant, that not only removes minor imperfections and oxidation [...]