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Car Protection – Ceramic Pro

 Car Protection Pricing can be found Here!

Whether you are buying a new car from a dealership or researching the best car protection product for your new or used car, you will have been told or read that the product will protect your paint from what seems like the impossible and is the best on the market, some of which are charging ridiculous prices in excess of $1500+, such as car dealerships to simply apply the product and provide you with a “Lifetime Warranty”.

Here at Superior Shine we see cars on a daily basis that have been prepared by dealerships and 90% of the time the quality of work is below standard with swirl marks, buffer trails and other paint imperfections remaining, even after they have applied their magic $1500+ paint protection!

We have tested many of these products first hand, such as other Coatings, Titanium Dioxide, PTFE, Acrylic, Glassplexin and Polymer Sealants, nearly all of which do not protect you paint from what they claim and they will not withstand continuous washing and will wear away over time as they do not form a permanent bond to the paint work and generally have a durability of 12-24 months, regardless of if they come with a “Lifetime Warranty”.

Why is Ceramic Pro different?

At Superior Shine our reputation relies on us providing an honest service and products that are of the highest standard in quality to uphold our strong reputation which is why we use and trust Ceramic Pro to protect some of the most expensive and exotic Supercars not only in Australia, but the World.

Ceramic Pro is permanent and does exactly what it says at protecting your paint work from damaging contaminants, backed up by a network of approved applicators that have a vested interest in using the best protection on the market, Ceramic Pro.

Ceramic Pro are a range of Nano-Ceramic car protection coatings formulated for all automotive surfaces. Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is a clear coating that chemically forms a permanent bond to the factory paint work unlike other car paint protection products that do not form a permanent bond or harden to create a chemical resistant barrier between your paint work and damaging contaminants.

Ceramic Pro have a range of protection coatings for Paint, Glass, Alloy, Fabric and Leather surfaces.sgs