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The owner of this Porsche Cayenne from contacted us to perform a Full Detail, it was not overally dirty to start with but it was on its way to needing a good detail.

The exterior was high pressure foam washed including inside the wheel arches, wheels and door jambs and engine bay to ensure the entire car was left looking brand new, once the exterior was completely clean and dried with a soft microfibre drying towel we applied a premium polish/wax by hand to restore the paint to a glossy finish while removing any minor imperfections.

The interior was thoroughly vacuumed and the carpets and floor mats were shampooed, the leather seats were cleaned then treated using a premium grade leather conditioner as well as the leather trims, the plastic trims were also treated and the windows polished to a smearfree finish leaving this car looking better then it did the day it left [...]

We were quite surprised when we arrived to detail this car, it was much dirtier then expected and we knew we had our work cut out for us, it had been parked in an old garage for several years, the exterior was coated in dirt and the interior was full of mould.

Firstly the exterior was given a thorough high pressure foam wash ensuring all the dirt and grime was removed from all the nooks and crannies, we then hand polished and waxed the paint work with Finish Kare All in One Polish to bring back a deep gloss showroom shine and remove any fine imperfections. The interior was fully cleaned with disinfectant and multi purpose cleaner, the carpets and mats were then thoroughly shampooed, with the leather receiving a good clean and condition.

To bring a car that is in such poor condition like this back to showroom condition can be expected to take [...]

Unfortunetly like most red cars, especially earlier models with single stage paint over time they tend to become dull and life less and require a good polish/wax every few months to maintain their appearance not just a quick wash every few weeks, this Honda Integra is a perfect example.

A Stage 2 Paint Correction (Machine Polish) was done to bring the gloss and colour back, a service like this on a vehicle in this condition can be expected to take up to 6-8 hours using different polishing pads and polishes to restore the dull paintwork back to a high gloss finish without leaving buffer trails like inexperienced car detailers.


See the difference with the 50 / 50 Shot: 

The customer of this BMW X5 contacted us to Detail the vehicle and also perform a Paint Correction to bring the paint work back up to a high gloss flawless finish, it was in a pretty poor state not having been washed for sometime and taken away on holidays with small children so the inside was fairly grubby.

Firstly the interior was thoroughly vacuumed and the carpets and floor mats shampooed, the leather received a deep clean & conditioning whilst the interior trims were also cleaned and treated.

The exterior then had a high pressure wash, ensuring under the wheel arches were thoroughly cleaned and also behind the wheels that can be seen due to the open spoke design of the wheels, once the entire exterior wash was complete we moved onto correcting the paint work, this involved a Stage 2 Paint Correction to remove swirl marks, light scratches and water marks.

The Stage 2 [...]

Here at Superior Shine Mobile Car Detailing we offer a unique Paint Correction service, unlike many detailers and car wash cafe’s that advertise a cheap “Cut n Polish” we want our customers to understand the time and skill it takes to get a flawless finish on your paint, whilst there is many different names you can call it such as Buff, Machine Polish, Cut Back, Cut n Polish we prefer to use the term Paint Correction as our polishing service is unique.

Most detailers and car wash cafe’s can do a Machine Cut n Polish usually within an hour, however most of these detailers leave the paint looking much worse then it did before they started, leaving whats called Holograms or Buffer Trails from using a Pad or Polish that is too agressive and spining the machine to fast, which results in burning the paint work and leaving a hologram effect, this can be rectified [...]

Superior Shine is Sydney’s Leading Mobile Car Detailing & Cleaning Specialist, available throughout the whole of Sydney – we also bring our own Power / Water!

Below is a list of Sydney Area’s that are regurlary serviced by Superior Shine Mobile Car Detailing, if your area is not listed – then please contact as they most likely do service your area.

Abbotsbury – Abbotsford – Acacia Gardens – Agnes Banks – Airds – Akuna Bay – Alexandria – Alfords Point – Allambie – Allambie Heights – Allawah – Ambarvale – Annandale – Annangrove – Arcadia – Arncliffe – Arndell Park – Artarmon – Ashbury – Ashcroft – Ashfield – Asquith – Auburn – Auburn North – Auburn South – Auburn West – Audley – Austral – Avalon – Badgerys Creek – Balgowlah – Balgowlah Heights – Balmain – Balmain East – Balmoral – Balmoral Beach – Bangor – Banksia – Banksmeadow – Bankstown – Bankstown Airport – [...]

Vehicle: Porsche Boxter

Products: Menzerna PO85RD3.01, Zaino Z-2 Pro

Work: Full Detail + 2 Step Machine Polish As you can see from the pics below this is one poor Porsche Boxter that needed ALOT of attention to bring it back to showroom condition, it had obviously been sitting outside for quite sometime as it was covered in cob-webs, leafs jammed in every crevice and the bonnet was very badly oxidized.

So I got to work to bring back the gloss in this dull and life-less finish and blasted all the leafs and cob-webs off, and gave it a good wash down, cleaning inside the wheels and arches making sure every inch of this car was going to look like new again. Menzerna PO85RD3.01 was used to remove the oxidization on the bonnet and any swirls marks and scratches on the paint, after I was happy with the finish the car was washed down [...]

Vehicle: Holden VC Commodore – Full Custom Rebuild (Featured in Street Commodores & Street Machine)

Products: Wolfgang Pre-Wax Cleaner, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant, Pinnacle Signature Series Wax 

Work: Complete Concours Detail + 2 Step Machine Polish

After 4yrs in the build Aaron required a Full Concours level detail that would really finish this street machine off to really make it stand out from all the other show cars.
We first clayed the car to remove any contamination on the paint to ensure the paint sealant had a smooth surface to bond too, as it was painted 3yrs ago.
After we clayed the vehicle it was polished with Menzerna PO85RD3.01 to remove any light swirl marks and light imperfections, Wolgang Pre-Wax Cleaner was then applied to ensure the surface was ultra clean so the paint sealant had a fresh clean surface to bond too.
Once we were happy with it we laid down [...]

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