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After having spent some time being garaged this Ferrari 360 was due for a good clean up ready to be put on display. The exterior had a soft foam wash then was dried with a microfibre waffle weave drying towel, the paint work was then waxed with Prima Banana Gloss Premium Wax, this product does not have the longest durability however it will add an extremely deep gloss and conceal minor swirl marks when a paint correction is not possible, it is extremely easy to apply and wipe off and does not leave any white residue or stain trims. The results speak for themselves.


A common misunderstanding is the difference between a polish and wax, i hear a lot of people associate the two and believe they do the same thing. This is false, I cannot stress this enough, waxes and polishes are different and do different things, but the marketing people behind big car care brands don’t really care about definitions and will call a product anything that they think sounds good.

A polish usually contains micro abrasives, they may also contain lots of solvents which clean your paint work. A polish is used to remove light scratches, swirl marks, oxidized / faded paint and to restore and enhance the paint work back to a deep gloss. There are lots of polishes on the market from heavy cutting compounds to mild cleaner polishes, it is best to start with a mild polish first as cutting compounds can cause damage to the paint work if not used [...]

Unfortunately for this Subaru Liberty it had seen better days, the paint work had heavy swirl marks, light scratches, was left looking dull from all the years of incorrect washing, taking it through automatic car washes and the lack of regular polishing and waxing.

The owner contacted us to perform a Stage 2 Paint Correction to restore the paint work to a flawless finish with a deep gloss, it took around 8 hours to transform the car from its poor scratched up state to a level where it looked better then the day it came out of the showroom.

The car was first given a thorough wash to remove all the built up grime from over the years, it was then clay barred to remove any contaminants that were embedded into the paint work leaving it with a smooth as glass feel, once this was complete we started the machine polishing process. This involved using [...]

This Black Ford XR6 unfortunately suffered from overspray from a nearby factory and severe swirl marks from years of incorrect car washing. It once had a nice deep gloss but years of neglect had this car looking dull, lifeless and covered in swirl marks and scratches.

A Stage 2 Paint Correction was performed on this car over a total of 6 hours, an hour and a half was spent clay barring the car for overspray removal, clay bars are like play dough and are rubbed over the surface with a lubricant, clay barring removes any contamination embedded on the paint work to give it a smooth as glass feel before polishing the paint work.

After the clay barring was complete around 4.5hrs was spent machine polishing the paint work, this involves using a premium cutting polish and polishing pad to remove the heavier swirl marks and scratches, once the heavier swirls and scratches are removed [...]

Cleaning the engine bay is something most people never bother to do to their car. It may be because it seems like a lot of hard work however it is very simple and only takes a few minutes. A clean engine bay can add to the value of your car when it comes to selling it, and undoubtedly makes it easier for mechanics to make repairs and carry out inspections to ensure there are no oil leaks.

Many people think you should not spray your engine with water, this is partly true. However, as long as you do not spray any of the electrics or air intake with water then you will have no problems, we have detailed thousands of engine bays with a high pressure washer and never had a single problem.

When it actually comes to the engine bay detailing, the first thing you should do is make sure your engine is cold [...]

Unfortunately like a lot of cars this near new black Toyota Corolla has fallen victim of the car wash café and their poor car washing techniques, after several trips to the car wash café the owner has noticed the paint no longer looks as good as it once did and is now covered in swirl marks and light scratches and lost its gloss.

This Stage 2 Paint Correction was performed at a total of 7 hours work. Machine Polishing to remove any imperfections in the paint work is a lengthy process and produces far better results then a quick cut n polish performed by most car detailers or car wash café’s, a proper Machine Polish is not something that can be done within an hour or two, this process involves Clay Barring the paint work to remove any contaminants then a Two Stage Machine Polish to remove any imperfections in the paint work and bring [...]

Going a few weeks without cleaning your wheels and tyres can make them look very poor, especially the front which collects alot of brake dust and road grime, not cleaning your wheels on a regular basis can cause the brake dust to bake onto the alloy or even the plastic hub caps, this can easily damage the surface and it will need to be carefully cleaned with an acid based wheel cleaner which should only be used by a professional car detailer.

You should use a good quality car wash shampoo, a wheel cleaner product (non acid) or degreaser, sponge and a brush if necessary to get between the gaps and behind the spokes, and also rubber or latex gloves to protect your hands from the wheel cleaner / degreaser.

When washing your car always start with your wheels and ensuring they are cool, your wheels should not be washed with the same water and [...]

Many detailing enthusiasts and quality detailers use a two bucket method when washing a car, one bucket with soapy water and the other with clean rinse water. The rinse water bucket is used to rinse the dirt off your wash mitt after washing a section of the car. This method has two benefits, firstly it keeps the dirt and grit out of your soapy water where it could do damage to your paint work, secondly it makes the suds in your soapy water last longer. Never use the same water or wash tools on your paint that you have used on your wheels.

Most high qaulity car wash shampoos are very gentle on the paint, plastic and rubber. A good car wash shampoo provides good lubrication between the wash mitt and the surface of the car to prevent scratching.


1. Do not wash the car in direct sunlight – If possible, work in the [...]

One of the most common mistakes people make when washing their car is improperly drying and using a poor qaulity chamois. This is also one of the main causes of adding imperfections to your paint such as marring, swirl marks and scratches.

A lot of people use leather or synthetic chamois; whilst there is nothing wrong with this they are however the most common to add swirl marks into the paintwork. People often excessively wipe the paint when drying until it leaves no streaks which induce scratches and swirl marks.

We can highly recommend a Microfibre Waffle Weave Drying Towel, they are soft, made from microfibre and hold 5x their weight in water meaning you can dry and average size car without ringing the towel out. One simple wipe of the paint work and they will absorb all the water without leaving any streaks meaning less wiping is required to dry the car and less [...]

The owner of this Porsche Cayenne from contacted us to perform a Full Detail, it was not overally dirty to start with but it was on its way to needing a good detail.

The exterior was high pressure foam washed including inside the wheel arches, wheels and door jambs and engine bay to ensure the entire car was left looking brand new, once the exterior was completely clean and dried with a soft microfibre drying towel we applied a premium polish/wax by hand to restore the paint to a glossy finish while removing any minor imperfections.

The interior was thoroughly vacuumed and the carpets and floor mats were shampooed, the leather seats were cleaned then treated using a premium grade leather conditioner as well as the leather trims, the plastic trims were also treated and the windows polished to a smearfree finish leaving this car looking better then it did the day it left [...]

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