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This Land Rover Discovery had seen some off road use and was in pretty average condition, covered by all that dirt and grime was moderate swirl marks, some slight bird poo damage and water etching.

A Stage Two Machine Polished was performed to completely remove the swirl marks and water etching over a total of 11 Hours, the process for this was Exterior Wash, Clay Bar treatment to remove any contamination, Machine Polish with a Orange Hydro Polishing Pad on a Rotary Polisher with Optimum Polish II, then finished with a White Kompressor Polishing Pad on Flex Random Orbital Polisher with Optimum Finish, for paint protection DP Max Wax was used to seal the paint work and really make the metallic stand out.


Superior Shine Mobile Car Detailing are highly experienced in detailing for events, vehicle launches and corporate drive days. Superior Shine were chosen to detail 2 Mercedes-Benz vehicles for the 2012 Fashion Week in Sydney, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week is Australia’s most style attraction event for innovative fashion designers, red carpet celebrities and retailers.

The two vehicles on display were a SLK Roadster and a $490,000 SLS Roadster with a unique matte silver finish. These two vehicle’s were meticulously detailed prior and maintained through out the week long event to ensure they were always in immaculate condition for this prestigious event.


This 2 year old Range Rover Sports was up for sale and needed a Full Detail with a Stage One Paint Correction to restore it back to immaculate condition, the paint work had light swirl marks and water spotting.

The product used to remove these defects in the paint work was Optimum GPS (Glaze, Polish, Seal). Optimum GPS does not fill the swirl marks when used with a machine polisher and has micro fine abrasives to permanently remove defects in the paint whilst leaving a mirror finish and protection to protect the paint work, we use high intensity LED lights to spot defects in the paint work which will make spotting things like swirl marks, holograms, scratches, and marring much easier and ensure a defect free finish.

The interior was also thoroughly detailed with the leather trims treated with Optimum Leather Protectant. Total time taken to complete this job was 6.5 hours.


Although this Bentley Arnage was in fairly good condition to start with the 6.75Ltr Turbo beast still needed a meticulous detail throughout for an episode featuring on Channel 7’s Today Tonight.

The interior was detailed and the leather was cleaned and treated with Prima Nourish, a premium quality leather conditioner that feeds the leather to prevent premature aging and leaves a soft and supple matte finish.

The exterior had a rich foam high pressure wash from top to bottom to remove all the build up of road grime then a coat of Prima Banana Gloss Liquid Wax was applied, although Prima Banana Gloss does not have great durability its shine and depth on dark colours is unmatched by other products and is well suited to this particular job.


Lamborghini Gallardo Detailed

Superior Shine Mobile Car Detailing has done work on this Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder numerous times over the past year, from a Clear Car Bra Removal, Paint Correction, Paint Protection and regular maintenance detailing.

Clear Bra Removal

The initial job was to remove a Clear Car Bra on the front bumper bar and bonnet that had started to go yellow, the purpose of a Clear Car Bra is to protect the paint work against stone chips, this was carefully peeled off using moderate heat from a heat gun once the clear film was removed 3M Adhesive Cleaner & Solvent was used to remove any sticky residue left behind, the paint work was then polished and sealed with Optimum Poli-Seal until a Paint Correction was done a few months later.

Lamborghini Clear Bra Removal

A lot of people ask what the difference is between a Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Paint Correction (Machine Polishing). And if you are a detailer or enthusiast, you probably already know that this refers to how many pad/polish combinations that we use to complete a job.

We also get a lot of calls from people who are against machine polishing because they have been stung by detailers that have done a poor job and left their paint work looking worse then when they started by leaving buffer trails and burning through the paint. This is caused by the so called detailer using a polish and pad combination that is too aggressive and burning through the paint work (you can not remove swirl marks and scratches and finish the paint down pefect in one step).

There is no reason why a flawless defect free finish cannot be achieved by machine polishing, all it [...]

Superior Shine Mobile Car Detailing was once again chosen to detail and maintain the vehicles at the Australian International Motor Show, this time in Melbourne for Audi, Jaguar, Range Rover, Volvo and Isuzu.

This involved detailing the vehicles for these manufacturers to the highest level possible prior to the event and maintaining them throughout the 10 day event. One of these vehicles included the Audi E-Tron concept car imported in to Australia for the event, the Audi E-Tron is a full electric high performance sports car that is capable of 0-100km/h in 4.8 seconds.

The 2011 Australian International Motor Show was held on the 1st-10th July at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, it was the biggest International Motor Show event to date with a total of over 193,755 motoring fans attending the event to see over 400 vehicles on display from car manufactures.


After spending a few months in the outback this Toyota Hiace was well overdue for a very thorough detail, we knew underneath all the dust, road grime, break dust and the layers of bug splatter there was a Hiace under there somewhere that was only a few years old.

So we went to work soaking the van in a thick lather of foam that softens the bugs and grime and lifts them from the surface and all the crevices where they managed to embed theirself, after numorous soakings and high pressure cleans it was looking much better, and we were left with a sparkling clean van. As the paint work was a little worse for wear a machine polish was needed to bring back that shine it once had.

The paint work was lightly machine polished with Optimum Poli-Seal, a premium All in One Polish and Sealant, that not only removes minor imperfections and oxidation [...]

Superior Shine Mobile Car Detailing was asked by the fastidious owner of this Ferrari F430 to perform a Full Detail and apply the increasingly popular Paint Protection.

The leather interior was cleaned and treated with Prima Nourish, which leaves a matte finish on the leather that is soft and supple, protecting it from premature aging and UV Rays.

The exterior and engine bay was extensively detailed ensuring all areas were meticulously clean and the paint work was machine polished with Optimum Hyper Spray Polish to remove very minor swirl marks and other imperfections to ensure the paint work was in an immaculate imperfection free condition before applying the Paint Protection

After the paint work was decontaminated and polished the Paint Protection was applied.



After spending some time in storage this Lamborghini Murcielago was due for a good detail along with the Ferrari 360 in a previous post, the Lamborghini Murcielago was given a thorough soft foam wash and the paint work was waxed with Prima Banana Gloss to hide minor swils and give the paint work an extremely deep gloss. A machine polish to permanently remove the swirl marks and other paint defects was not done at the owners request and will be done at a later date.

The interior was vacuumed and all leather surfaces cleaned then treated with Prima Nourish to give the leather a soft silky natural look and feel.


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