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Aston Martin Virage

Superior Shine Mobile Car Detailing are in Partnership with ecurie25 – The worlds largest supercar club in the world. We had the pleasure of detailing and applying Ceramic Pro Car Paint Protection to this stunning Aston Martin Virage, ecurie25 has over $6 million dollars of exotic supercars in Australia which will all be detailed and protected by Superior Shine and Ceramic Pro.

The paint work was in fairly decent condition with only minor swirl marks, firstly various paint thickness readings were taken so we could get an average of the overall thickness of the paint work, once the paint thickness readings were taken from various points on each panel we clay barred the surface to remove any embedded contamination.

A Stage One Paint Correction was then done to remove the light swirl marks and marring from the paint work and to enhance the gloss. Once this stage was complete Ceramic Pro Paint Protection was applied to all painted surfaces of the vehicle protecting it from contamination and light scratches.